RFSoC-PYNQ Workshop: Introduction to the new PYNQ enabled RFSoC 4x2 academic platform

Venue: 04.006, Ashby Building, QUB.

Organizer: Cathal McCabe (AMD), Louise H. Crockett (University of Strathclyde)

Abstract: The RFSoC 4x2 is a new RFSoC Gen 3 development board from AMD Xilinx, designed for academic research. It replaces the RFSoC 2x2 platform that was presented at previous FPL and other conferences. The new board is based on a Gen 3 RFSoC and adds a 100G high speed interface increasing the range of applications and research areas that this board can be used for. This workshop is for attendees interested in building high-performance FPGA systems that require high-speed analog data in/data out with FPGA processing (e.g. RF applications including 5G, 6G research, MIMO, Intelligent surfaces), high speed data capture (e.g. scientific experiments including particle physics data capture and offload), precision control (e.g. quantum circuit control).